Sunday, September 24, 2006

How Easy Is It When Your Applying For A Credit Card Online?

by Robert Michael

Applying for a visa credit card is really very easy and can even be done online. However, if you are considering applying for a visa credit card then do a little bit of research on the cards available and the type of card you need because there are different cards that can benefit you more than others. Decide if you are looking a visa credit card so you can get discounts on gas, earn frequent flyer miles, cash back, have bad credit, or any other number of circumstances. When you know what you need out of your credit card then you will be able to simply apply for the cards that offer you what you need, rather than others that do not.

There are other important aspects other than cash back or points to keep in mind that are associated with every card and include introductory APR, period of introductory APR, normal APR, annual fees, balance transfers, and the type of credit needed for the card.

Many credit card companies advertise their cards with a low introductory APR, or interest rate, in order to get your attention and have you apply for the card. However, the introductory APR may be low and a good deal it will change at some time and you need to be aware of the period you have the introductory APR as well as what the APR will change to.

The period of the ARP might be 3, 6, 9 or even 12 months. These are normal increments for an introductory APR and completely depend on the type of credit card you are applying for. Also, if you have excellent credit you will have a better opportunity at getting a card with a longer introductory APR.

Also, you need to know what the regular APR is for the card you are applying for because more often than not it is significantly higher than the introductory APR. Do not let yourself apply for a card that has a really high regular APR or you will find yourself paying a large amount of money in interest fees.

Annual fees are another consideration. Some credit cards have annual fees and others do not. This completely depends on the type of card you are applying for, so conduct a little research to find out about annual fees.

Ask about balance transfers as well. This is important because if you apply for a new visa credit card you might want to transfer your balance from other cards to the new card. Make sure your new visa credit card supports balance transfers.

And finally, do a little research into the type of credit required for different cards. If you have excellent credit then there are more credit cards with great incentives for you to apply for. However, if you have bad credit there is no need in applying for visa credit cards that require good credit.

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