Friday, August 04, 2006

Consolidate Debt to Make Debt Repayment Easier

by Thomas Erikson

Consolidate debt and take the worry out of making monthly payments. When was the last time a month passed by without you stressed about bill payments, or how much you charged on your credit cards?

Your debt just seems to keep growing and you find it harder and harder to make ends meet. With the average household having 10 credit cards, you are probably finding it more difficult to keep track of multiple credit card payments, bills, loan statements, and more. If you consolidate debt, you can make it much easier to pay off your debt.

When you consolidate debt, you combine your multiple debts into one easy to manage loan. By doing this, you make one payment each month to one lender instead of having to keep track of a bunch of different debts from multiple lenders. It makes it much easier to manage and you lower your risk of missing payments and ruining your credit.

Negotiating a debt consolidation loan allows you to get a lower interest rate. In order to be competitive, lenders usually offer a lower interest rate than you are currently paying on your outstanding debts (especially credit cards). This can save you a great deal of money over the long run.

When you consolidate debt, you lower your monthly payments. Having only one loan lowers the amount you will have to repay each month compared to the total amount you have to repay for your multiple debts.

Different options are available to consolidate debt - secured loans or unsecured loans. Secured loans use collateral to back the loan in case of default. These types of loans usually provide the lowest interest rates since the lender's risk is offset by the collateral. Unsecured loans are backed only by your credit worthiness and do not require collateral. Since only your reputation backs the loan, the interest rate is usually a little higher than a secured loan.

Types of secured loans include a home equity loan, a home equity line of credit and cash-out mortgage refinancing. Some more creative methods include automobile refinancing, a 401k loan and using your whole life insurance.

Types of unsecured loans include personal loans. You can also use no interest credit cards to consolidate your credit card debt through balance transfer but you need to know what you're doing. Done improperly, they can cost you dearly. Done properly, they can save you a lot of money.

Although you struggle with debt everyday now, you can make it much easier to repay your debts. If you consolidate debt, you can make your debt situation much more manageable. As your debt keeps growing, now may be the time to act.

Thomas Erikson is co-founder of which provides debt consolidation information and solutions. Please link to this site when using this article.



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